Haan Wheels custom wheels are used by the best rider and teams in the world. Together we have won more than 35 world championships and countless European and national championships.

  • Thibault Bénistant
    Thibault Bénistant Yamaha MJC EMX250
  • Liam Everts
    Liam Everts KTM EMX125
  • Franco Caimi
    Franco Caimi Yamaha Factory Rally
  • Team Bax & Stupelis
    Team Bax & Stupelis Sidecar Motocross
  • Clément Desalle
    Clément Desalle 3x MXGP Vice World Champion
  • Shane McElrath
    Shane McElrath Team Rocky Mountain ATV/MC-KTM-WPS
  • Davy Pootjes
    Davy Pootjes F&H Racing Shop
  • Nicola Bertuzzi
    Nicola Bertuzzi Silver Action KTM MX2
  • Willemsen & Bax
    Willemsen & Bax Sidecar Motocross
  • CS Santosh
    CS Santosh Hero Motosports Rally
  • Zach Pichon
    Zach Pichon Honda 114 Motorsports
  • Conrad Mewse
    Conrad Mewse Hitachi KTM MX2
  • Bas Vaessen
    Bas Vaessen Hitatchi KTM MX2
  • Oriol Mena
    Oriol Mena Hero Motosports Rally
  • Micha boy de Waal
    Micha boy de Waal Vamo Honda MX2
  • Mathys Boisrame
    Mathys Boisrame F&H Racing Kawasaki MX2
  • Jordi Tixier
    Jordi Tixier Tixier Racing
  • Nancy van de Ven
    Nancy van de Ven Yamaha Racing Women GP
  • Xavier de Soultrait
    Xavier de Soultrait Yamaha Factory Rally
  • Joey Savatgy
    Joey Savatgy Team Rocky Mountain ATV/MC-KTM-WPS
  • Alessandro Lupino
    Alessandro Lupino Gebben Van Venrooy Yamaha
  • Ivo Monticelli
    Ivo Monticelli Standing Construct GasGas
  • Rodney Faggotter
    Rodney Faggotter Yamaha Factory Rally
  • Hardi Roosiorg
    Hardi Roosiorg Sahkar KTM MX2
  • Calvin Vlaanderen
    Calvin Vlaanderen Gebben Van Venrooy Yamaha
  • Team Giraud Motorsport
    Team Giraud Motorsport Sidecar Motocross
  • Malcolm Stewart
    Malcolm Stewart Factory Rockstar Husqvarna USA
  • Mikkel Haarup
    Mikkel Haarup F&H Racing Kawasaki MX2
  • Stefan Ekerold
    Stefan Ekerold Sarholz KTM MX2
  • Joaquim Rodrigues
    Joaquim Rodrigues Hero Motosports Rally
  • Jed Beaton
    Jed Beaton Rockstar Husqvarna MX2
  • Thomas Kjer Olsen
    Thomas Kjer Olsen Rockstar Husqvarna Factory MX2
  • Scotty Verhaeghe
    Scotty Verhaeghe Team VHR KTM MX2
  • Arminas Jasikonis
  • Pauls Jonass
  • Lorenzo Locurcio
    Lorenzo Locurcio Supercross
  • Max Anstie
    Max Anstie Team Rocky Mountain ATV/MC-KTM-WPS
  • Adrien Van Beveren
    Adrien Van Beveren Yamaha Factory Rally
  • Roan van de Moosdijk
    Roan van de Moosdijk F&H Racing Kawasaki MX2
  • Tyler Bowers
    Tyler Bowers AMA Supercross
  • Romain Febvre
    Romain Febvre Monster Energy Factory Kawasaki
  • Dean Wilson
    Dean Wilson Factory Rockstar Husqvarna USA
  • RJ Hampshire
    RJ Hampshire Factory Rockstar Husqvarna USA
  • Stilez Robertson
    Stilez Robertson Factory Rockstar Husqvarna USA
  • Jalek Swoll
    Jalek Swoll https://www.instagram.com/js352/
  • Benoit Paturel
    Benoit Paturel JM Honda Racing