More than 45 years ago Arie den Haan (1950-2024) made his first steps as a wheel builder. It was in a small garage behind his house where he found his passion… building spoked wheels for street bikes, cars and especially motocross bikes.

In the early years Arie experienced many problems with Maico motocross wheels while racing himself. However, he discovered a different and improved way to lace these wheels and from that point on his wheel business took off.

Many high profile riders would visit the legendary work shop in Schijndel, including the legendary HRC Honda Factory team and many more would follow. In 1995 we developed our first complete wheels using our own Haan Wheels hubs for the Kawasaki Factory racing team and our first steps were made in supplying complete wheels to our customers.

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Over the years the company Haan Wheels kept on growing. Many changes and improvements have been made, but some things never change – Our dedication to quality still remains. In 2002 Arie den Haan handed over the management to his son Rob den Haan Our main business is building complete wheels for Offroad and Supermoto motorcycles, but we also build wheels for classic bikes and street bikes.

After moving several times to new locations we are now based in a newly built 1500+ square meters building. Here we have a full stock of 8000+ rims and 300.000+ spokes to serve our customers.

Haan Wheels exports its wheels worldwide from Europe to Japan, Australia, Thailand, Canada, Russia and many more countries.

Used by the best teams and riders in the world we have helped many riders to more than 35 world championships and countless European and national championships in professional and amateur racing divisions.

Made in the Netherlands

Haan Wheels has helped more than 35 riders to get their world championship titles and currently more than 50% of the field in world championship racing is using Haan Wheels.

Current Haan Wheels riders & teams.