Classic & Vintage Aluminium Rims

Aluminium Rims

RK Excel

The Excel S Classic rim is know for its perfect roundness and stability. It’s mainly used on Japanese classic motorcycles.

  • Available sizes from 1.60 to 2.50 inches
  • Made in Japan

Aluminium Rims

Morad TC Rims

The Morad TC is the most hard-wearing of the profiles (non-valanced rim).

  • Available from 1.60 to 5.50 inches wide, with different amounts of spokes holes.
  • Used for smaller capacity motorcycles, old motocross bikes and bike with extra wide rims such as Harley-Davidson and choppers.

Aluminium Rims

Morad S Rims

The profile of this ‘Super’ rim was used on classic bikes from the late 60’s and 70’s. The rims is a valanced rim because of the shoulder running around the edge.

  • Available from 1.20 to 3.00 inches width with different amount of spoke holes
  • Used mainly on classic bikes 60’s-70’s.
Excel + Haan Wheels = Unrivalled Combination