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Haan Wheels supplies spokes in both galvanised steel and stainless steel. Straight spokes are available, but also spokes with thickening at the head of the spoke.

Spokes and spoke sets come complete with nipples. Brass nickel-plated nipples are supplied with stainless steel spokes, and galvanized nipples are fitted to the steel spokes.

We have data for the spokes of many motorcycles in our database. But there are so many different models and variations of spokes used for older motorcycles that is is impossible to be 100% sure. It is therefore very helpful if you can send a sample of your old spokes.

  • Spokes are available from 3.2 mm thickness.

SENDING YOUR WHEELS? No tyres please.

Please remember to remove the tyres from your wheels before sending. Thank you, Haan Wheels.

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